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Flow and Process

1. Contact us with your preferred date

2. Confirm booking request by paying deposit via Payme/FPS, we do not accept verbal confirmation

3. Fill in Pet Information Form

4. Outstanding amount pay on shooting date

5. All photo files will be received in 7 working days* 

6. Please submit file number of the photos you wish to retouch within a week

7. Retouched process takes around 4 weeks

8. Printing items take around 4 weeks after retouched process, delivery by SF Express pay on delivery

*Expedited service is available, please contact us for fees and details


Consumption Voucher Scheme


  • We only accept Payme/FPS payment for deposit

  • If the balance of the coupon is insufficient, you can pay by cash/Payme/FPS

  • If the card machine malfunction, guest shall pay in the above methods

Reminders for our guests

  • Backdrop colour: purple, grey, blue, yellow, khaki, pink (for reference only)

  • Special scene: Please inform us of the selected scene one week before shooting

  • Suggest to wear matched colour tone to achieve the best effect

  • Unrelated accompanier is not allowed to the photo shoot

  • Retouched content: globalized adjustments such as colour correction, cropping and white balance


Printing items

  • Wood is a natural material and has its unique feature, such as color difference, minerals, white edge texture, etc.

  • Colour difference may occurs on printing items, we will try our best to restore the original colour

  • No refunds/returns/exchanges for printed items

  • Printing coupon can be redeemed one painting canva only

  • Printing coupon cannot be used with other promotions, discounts or cash vouchers

  • Printing coupon cannot be exchanged for cash or other products

  • Printing coupon is valid within one month after shooting


During the epidemic


  • Cleaning and disinfection between sessions. Please try to arrive at the appointment time.

  • If you arrive too early, you may need to wait outside. We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

  • All guests are requested to have their body temperature checked at the entrance, those with body temperature over 37.5°C nor refuse to have their body temperature check are not welcomed.


  • Casual clothes only

  • Please notify us in advance for large dogs

  • Guests are required to bring their own pet cleaning supplies. Any traces that cannot be cleaned up will be charged a cleaning fee of HKD300

  • If you need to change the shooting time or date, you need to notify 7 days in advance (from the shooting date) and can only reschedule once (the date needs to be within two months of the scheduled shooting day)

  • Extra 2% handling charge for credit card payment

  • If there is no elevator of the on-site location, HKD50 will be charged for each half-floor

  • ​If any damage is caused to the door-to-door location on the shooting day, Phase Studio PET / Phase Studio will not be compensated

  • Failure to reschedule the appointment 7 days in advance, will deem the booking as forfeited and deposit will not be refunded 

  • Printing items are non-returnable and non-refundable

  • All deposits will not be refunded

  • Guests need to arrive on time, extra time will not be given. Overtime will be charged

  • Photography or videography is strictly prohibited except with the prior permission

  • The appointment can be rescheduled if typhoon Signal No. 8 or above, Black Rainstorm signal is hoisted

  • In the event of force majeure, such as fire/water/electricity, traffic or equipment problems, the shooting will be cancelled and the deposit will be refunded. Phase Studio PET / Phase Studio will not make additional compensation

  • Phase Studio PET / Phase Studio reserves the copyright and usage/editing rights of all photos

  • Phase Studio PET / Phase Studio reserves the right of final decision

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